Root masters


Rootmasters has operated since 1995 and is a specialist installer of tree root barriers providing services to many Sydney metropolitan councils and other industries.

Tree roots can directly and indirectly cause significant damage to infrastructure such as buildings, smooth constructed surfaces (driveways, tennis courts etc) and utilities. These problems can be prevented or solved whilst still enjoying the great benefits of the presence of the tree.


An ExcaVac high efficiency truck at work. This truck holds 4m3 of spoil and carries 3,000 litres of water

Root Exposure

Tree roots exposed by hydro vacuum excavation prior to cutting. These roots extend under the footpath and into private property causing damage to buildings and hard surfaces such as pathways and driveways. (Click on image to enlarge).

Tree roots are attracted to utility services causing damage, penetrating and sometimes encompassing them.

An example of agressive tree root growth around utility services (Click on image to enlarge).

Completed Barriers

Completed tree root barriers (Click on image to enlarge).

Golf Course Tree Root Pruning

Rootmasters pruning tree roots around golf course putting greens to prevent damage to the green service.